Simple Energy Healing: BodyTalk, Quick Pulse, Hypnosis
There is a new way to create change in your life and it’s simple.

There is a growing consensus that change is hard.  That getting what you want must involve knowing what you want, setting goals, and self-discipline.

But what if you don’t know what you want, you set goals but never reach them, and specialize in the art of procrastination?  Does this mean you are destined to be miserable?  Absolutely not!

If you are stuck in confusion, self-doubt, frustration, and pain you are in exactly the right place for change to take place easily.

The simple way to turn your life around is to use what’s not working then gently unfold what is keeping you stuck there.  No more effort,  drastic lifestyle changes, or being different from who you truly are.

It’s time to clear the path, stop working so hard, and live freely.

I’ve done this for myself and for hundreds of people just like you.  If you’re struggling, I would like to help you.  Because nothing excites me more than someone who says, “Yes, show me the easy way!”

If you’ve never experienced energy healing or if you use it every day, you will find my approach is fresh, kind, cutting edge, and astonishingly effective.

Take a look around, see what resonates with you, and most importantly…


(Specializing in The Quick Pulse, The BodyTalk System and Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon and abroad)