Choose Love: World Meditation Day

Thank you to my friend Dayle for sharing this with me! Please enjoy this stunning showcase of how you can help change the world.

World Meditation Day
Meditate for Inner Peace and World Unity

First Sunday of every month at 7pm-8pm, your time zone
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How to LOVE yourself

How to LOVE yourself
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How To Love Yourself:
the meaning of love is found in the space between the cells from and with which the cells were created. It is within the silence. It cannot be known except through separation from it .. yet when it is experienced it is remembered .. the unconditional love of the Transpersonal Self is beyond words.  It is about the opening of the personal self’s to all life and .. it can speak to you.

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This is what I want for you
Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day fraught with expectations, hopes, love, desire, and perhaps ambivalence, or dread.  Whether you love this day or are repelled by it, Valentine’s Day is offering you an opportunity.  The opportunity to love yourself.  Today I encourage you to:

Do an activity… you love
Listen to music… you love
Call, write a letter, or check in with someone… you love
Move your body in a way… you love
Eat something… you love
Smell something… you love
Look around and find something… you love

And last…

Be still, for two minutes and… Lve yourself.