How it works

Get Inspired with Energy Healing: BodyTalk, Quick Pulse, Hypnosis

I’m here to facilitate change.

You know, deep down, what you desire.
It can be exciting…

You know, deep down, what you want.
It can be scary…

You know deep down you want to find your good life…
And you’re curious…

Can this help?

Yes. We work together to reconnect you with your personal connection to Source enable fears, blocks, confusion, and dis-ease to fade away. As the fading away occurs, new life, new hope, new ideas, joy and peace bubble to the surface of your being.

What is it like to work with Kirsten?

I would love to tell you what it’s like to work with me, but I’ve never been my own client, so here are a few words from first-time clients and their experiences:

“I love working with Kirsten.  She takes the time to really understand where I’m coming from.  I know when I go to see her things are going to change.”

“Kirsten, I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.”

What is a session like?

“When I first arrived, Kirsten told me how a session works and a little about her healing work.  She also told me what she was going to do before she did it and what to expect.”

“After my initial appointment, I was no longer a skeptic.  I left her office feeling clear headed for the first time in ages.  After my first session, I was hooked.”

What do you do exactly?

During each appointment we talk about what is on your mind, the places that feel good, and the places that don’t.  During this time, I am actively listening and tuning into your energy field. We may periodically stop the discussion and activate healing to areas of concern and stagnation.

My methods work quickly to clear the energy that is creating conflict, stress, or confusion for you.  Clearing these blockages allows more of what you do want to rise to the surface.   This part of our work together is done while sitting across from each other or over the phone.

My unique gift is to as a gateway and activator of Source Energy for healing. When we are working together Source uses my body to flow from me to you, activating your divine connection to all that IS. When this happens you rise to the next level of consciousness in bodymind, emotion, and spirit.

During a session, I may also use the following healing modalities. These are always offered through me and by me and may not mirror other practitioners’ delivery of these same methods.

Quantum Energetic Disciplines is taught by Jo Dunning. Through her teachings, I offer The Quick Pulse, Advanced Pulse, and the Rolodex.

The BodyTalk System is a gentle energy balancing system that allows incongruencies in your body and mind to be highlighted and realigned. When this happens your innate healing ability is restored, promoting the resolution of symptoms with few side-effects.

Once the imbalances are repaired, your body returns to a natural state of harmony, allowing healing to occur.  For BodyTalk sessions that are in person, you will lay on a massage table fully clothed, with your shoes off.  BodyTalk is also offered from a distance via telephone.

How is Kirsten different?

Our work together is unique because I begin working on your energy patterns the minute we greet each other.  Although the methods I use are the focus of your session it is through our personal connection that magic happens; accelerating you on your path towards excellent health, radiant well-being, and spontaneous abundance.

Cheers to The Good Life!